Nov 3, 2022

Get more out of social media in one simple step

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Many brands make the mistake of posting about their product or service and neglecting to actually spark conversation. Conversation can be invaluable, especially when it comes to getting to know your audience, and what they connect with. As any social media expert knows, engagement is key to success on any platform. If you're not regularly interacting with your followers, they're likely to lose interest and move on to someone who is. That's why it's important to post engaging content that encourages people to respond; a quick scroll through any comments section will reveal that people are far more likely to engage with a brand that is relatable, personable, and down-to-earth. In other words, audiences want to see a human behind the brand plus they love to share their opinions. Fortunately, starting conversations on social media doesn't have to be difficult or painfully awkward. Asking questions is always a good place to start - after all, everyone likes talking about themselves and feeling like they’re being listened to, so you’ll be giving them the opportunity to do just that.

Make your questions worthwile

For example, a fashion brand could ask its followers to weigh in on the latest trends, or a food company could solicit opinions on favorite recipes. Of course, not all questions are created equal. You'll want to avoid yes or no questions, as they don't really encourage a lot of discussion. Instead, try to ask open-ended questions that will get people thinking. And make sure you're prepared to follow up with further questions and conversation starters. If you can get people talking, you're well on your way to social media success. Also, keep in mind this is an opportunity to share your own personality more with your audience, so don't forget to answer your own questions to get the conversation rolling.

Here are 10 questions you could ask your audience

What is something you wish you were better at?
If you could travel to the future or the past, what would you pick and why?
What's your secret talent?
Are you a minimalist or a collector of shiny objects?
What's your idea of a perfect day?
What are you looking forward to the most this week/month/year?
What three things can you not live without?
What's your opinion on (article/discussion related to your customer’s interests)
If you could choose only one season to live in, which would it be and why?
What advice would you give your younger self?

We hope this set of questions helps you spark your creativity: it's important you make sure that you're not just asking any old question, but carefully selecting questions that will resonate with your audience. Asking questions that are specific to your target demographic will help you to better engage with them and build a stronger connection. In addition, be sure to ask questions that are also relevant to current events or hot topics in the news. This will show that you're keeping up with the latest trends and generate real-time engagement. Lastly, don't forget to have some fun with your questions! Be sure to inject some personality into them so that they stand out from the rest. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to asking engaging questions that will get your audience talking.