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Genuinely caring web designers helping eCommerce managers increase revenue with top-tier website design (without the sky-high prices)

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Want to know how your website is performing? Get your free audit

Want to understand why your eCommerce website isn’t performing? Our free website audit focuses on the six areas you need to improve to attract, delight, and convert your audience. 

Here's what we test for

  • User Experience:
    Mobile-friendliness, copy, navigation, etc.
  • Conversion optimization:
    CTAs, visual, lead capture, trust factors etc.
  • SEO & online visibility:
    Keyword rankings, Google Business Profile, etc.
  • Performance & security:
    Page speed SSL cert, etc.
How we can help

The eCommerce Accelerator

What is the eCommerce Accelerator, you ask? It’s our proven system for creating an eCommerce digital strategy that actually works - so you can focus on more pressing tasks, knowing your eCommerce website is in the best shape for success and protected with ongoing maintenance.

Our growth-focused ecommerce development experts help you make informed decisions based on your eCommerce insights, help you reach more people with proven SEO tactics, and improve your website’s look, feel, and functionality to achieve more sales.


A pie chart icon with metrics

More insights

Overwhelmed by all the data you have? Not sure how to draw insights? We identify the most important KPIs to help you make data-driven decisions
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More sales

Our eCommerce web design tactics help you quickly boost sales with improvements to functionality, aesthetics, and shopping journeys
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More traffic

81% of people conduct online research before making a large purchase. We make sure your website shows up in the search results and looks good 


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More conversions

Helping you find, reach, and convert leads into loyal customers by creating predictable lead pipelines that move prospects through the buyer journey
A clock fused with a gear to showcase automation and saving time

More automation

Creating marketing machines that save you time and upsurge sales, from personalized upsells and lead capture to automated email marketing
A person standing in the middle of an illustrated pie chart

More accessibility

Grow your business with more sales we generate through inclusive and accessible user interfaces that make shopping in your store a breeze


A tablet with a shopping cart icon and a repeat symbol

More repeat business

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try a new product or service of yours. Our web design tactics help you tap into this profitable revenue stream
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More reviews

With 85% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as word of mouth, we help you lower customer acquisition costs with a strong review strategy
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More support

From reactive to proactive, we help you grow with reliable, empowering eCommerce support, so you can focus on what matters; your customers
Get support, get your time back.

Constantly trying to “fix” your outdated website?

Not every eCommerce business owner or marketing director is a web designer. In fact, very few are. Without the budget to hire a web designer full time, you’re left troubleshooting website issues, driving your ads strategy, and let’s face it, your head is on the chopping block if your poorly-designed website is losing sales. 

Client Testimonials

See what they're saying
about our web design skills

Betty Liu
Head of Commercial Operations

"The whole experience with Xaicode was impressive. It is very clear that their team has the expertise in web development and project management to deliver above and beyond within timelines. It truly felt like I had an internal web development team working on our website, not an external agency. I felt like our needs and our project were their top priority. They attacked every task with high attention to detail and enthusiasm."

Mehran Mojtahedi
Director of IT

"Not only is Xaicode technically competent, but they act as our internal teammates — we can count on them to deliver exactly what we need. They provide custom solutions with great user experiences and high user engagement levels."

Amanda Llerena
Marketing Manager

We hired Xaicode to help us redesign and create a brand new website after our name change. We wanted something entirely brand new, on a new platform — and really wanted something hip, modern and "Silicon Valley". This was a heavy lift with over 70 different pages of all the services we offer the business community, and Xaicode delivered it quickly and was very professional throughout the whole process.

What You Get

Ready to offload your website worries? How it works

We’re a team of eCommerce website developers and designers who genuinely give a damn about the success and happiness of our clients. From taking care of website fixes and updates to redesigning how your website looks, we become your very own internal web design department. 

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Web Strategy

We’ll sit down with you to get an idea of how you’re currently managing your eCommerce website and what goals you’d like it to achieve

Piggy bank inside a computer icon

Web Design

We get to work on reviving the look, feel, and functionality of your website, making it feature-rich, mobile-friendly, and conversion-driven

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Web Care

We perform ongoing website maintenance, keeping it safe from cyber attacks, updating it to reflect your business, and optimizing it for SEO


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