San Jose Chamber of Commerce
February 2019
Case Study

The San Jose Chamber of Commerce

The client

San Jose Chamber of Commerce is a leading business networking and advocacy organization that represents, guides, and directs more than 1200+ member businesses in the Silicon Valley area.

The challenge

They needed our help to redesign a brand new website to match their rebrand. They wanted something modern, slick, and cool that perfectly encapsulated their services across their 70-page website.

The solution

Following intensive discovery and design meetings to identify the look and feel they were going for, we redesigned their website, constantly checking in to support them throughout the process, and promptly making adjustments according to their feedback.

The results

We delivered a high-performing, state-of-the-art website that their entire membership of 1700+ businesses and 80+ employees/ board of directors approved of and offered invaluable insights to complement their marketing objectives.

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