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Good Web Design starts with

Understanding your client
Successful websites start with a clear understanding of your (best) customers. At Xaicode, we kick things off with a facilitated discovery session that puts us in your customer’s shoes. We’ll dive deep to discover what exactly makes your ideal customers tick and cater our web design and strategy to speak directly to them.
Identifying Your Goals & KPIs
Web design isn’t just about making things look good. We understand websites are marketing tools that need to have goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) set to track their performance. With Xaicode, we'll ensure we kick off the project with clear goals and deliver a website with KPIs that can be used to validate your long term web design strategy.
A Solid Web Design Studio
We’re the first to admit that we’re not going to be a fit for everyone; however, if you’re looking for a web design studio that’s reliable, transparent, and is able to offer top-tier design without the sky-high agency prices. Look no further.

Defining the project

Our website design process starts with a discovery phase. This is where we get to know more about each other.

Together, we’ll work to define your project’s goals, solidify the scope, and get a documented overview of your project. Our discovery process is a little intense, but it’s the only way we know how to deliver the best online experiences.

Setting Expectations

With well-defined goals, we can compile a sitemap that outlines tools and features, compile a creative brief based on your ideal customer, and hash out the scheduling details of your project.

The goal of our research phase is to make sure expectations are set so that we’re able to keep each other accountable and the project on time.

Designing The Experience

The design phase is probably the most exciting and anticipated phase for anyone. This is where the project really starts taking shape. We first start out with a low fidelity mockup.

This mockup will be built to give you a feel for your website’s front-end structure, layout, content, and features. Next, we’ll present you with a couple of mood boards. These mood boards are a collage that represents various parts of the overall design and will give you a better sense of the look and feel we’re trying to achieve.

Finally, The high-fidelity mockup will implement elements of the finalized mood board and visually showcase your site’s content, features, and functionality.

Developing your website

They say 80% of a project or task comes from 80% planning and 20% execution. That’s probably the best way we can describe the development phase.

With mockups and sitemaps generated and approved, it’s time to execute on the carefully laid plan that is your website and begin developing your website's functionality.

Ensuring quality

We aim to make sure that we deliver a high-quality product. That means performing various quality checks on our code as well as testing out features and functionality thoroughly.

To confirm the website is ready for publishing, we’ll go through a series of pre-launch checks to make sure no mistakes happen during launch.

The Handoff

The final stretch of the project is nearing to a close. Before we officially launch your website, we’ll make sure you are ready to use it. We’ll teach you how to update and change content on your new website.

You will also get access to documentation that outlines features, functionality, and any dependencies your site has with 3rd party integrations. Finally, we launch your site and the project is done. At this stage, you’ll have the option to continue a working relationship with through a website maintenance or website management services.
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