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Web Design

Your most frequently asked questions about web design answered here!
How much input do I have in the web design process?
Feedback is an integral part of our process. We'll have multiple check-ins together and you'll have ample opportunities to provide feedback during the web design process for each of the following deliverables.

The brief is a three prong approach that tackles why we are doing this project, highlights the objectives of the new website, and establish who we're doing this for.
The scope will contain a detailed plan that outlines what needs to get done, when things need to be done, and who will be responsible.
Visual Sitemap
Sitemaps are a way of mapping out the structure and organization of pages and content in your website. It's a great way to take inventory of everything that will be built and what your site's structure will look like from a 30,000 ft view.
Wireframes are blueprints that map out the pages of your site. They show the elements of a page and their relative weight of importance. At this stage we'll solely be focused on the functional and practical elements of your web design.
Before we commit to a direction a web design project will take aesthetically, you will be presented with 3 stylescapes. The stylescape you select will set a course for the website's visual identity. What's a stylescape? A stylescape is a carefully crafted collection of images, textures, typography and colors that aim to convey a certain look and feel of a website.
We'll bring together all of your feedback and decisions to build out a website according to the specifications outlined in the brief, scope, sitemap, wireframe and stylescape. The process comes full circle at the moment we present the final deliverable: a full fledged working site ready for launch. Once you review the site, you tell us when to launch.
who is responsible for the content of my site?
Since nobody knows your business better than you, we leave you to be solely responsible for all content creation on your site; however, if you need us to help with content, we’re more than happy to make a recommendation to a professional content creator or copywriter.
What are your payment terms?
50% of the Cost of Proposed Scope of Work due as a non-refundable deposit upon execution of the Proposal of Services and this Master Services Agreement
25% of the Cost of Proposed Scope of Work due 30 days after execution of this agreement
25% of the Cost of Proposed Scope of Work due at website launch or 60 days after execution of this agreement, whichever comes first
Any amount of the Change Budget utilized is due at website launch (typically included on the final invoice)
Do you offer a maintenance plan?
Yes, we do offer maintenance plans. Click here to learn more about Xaicode Care.

Xaicode Care

Your most frequently asked questions about Xaicode Care answered here!
What is covered with unlimited Support and Content Edits?
Unlimited content update requests allow you to send requests directly into our support inbox for a quick turnaround; typically less than one business day. These updates are intended to allow you to request changes to the content, images, and essential information on your website, without wondering if they have enough time in the budget this month.

As a general rule of thumb, update requests cover most things that can be performed in under 30 minutes that are clear, have a measurable outcome, and can be performed with the existing functionality of the website.

Support that requires more time can still be submitted but may require that we break up the requests into smaller tasks in order to balance incoming requests responsibly and fairly.

Web design and development is not covered under "unlimited support and content edits"
What is the expected turnaround time for requests?
Our goal is to be able to provide a 24-hour turnaround for most tasks and requests. Providing a thorough request is the first step in ensuring this goal is achievable. For example, incoming support and update requests that arrive before 4pm Pacific Time will be assigned to our overnight production queue and are typically taken care of by the morning.
Are there any setup or cancellation fees?
There are no setup costs; however, we do ask you to make a 3-month commitment to our care plan if your website was not built by Xaicode. After that, we make it simple and move you to a month-to-month and you may leave at any time without penalty. Cancellations before the initial 3-month term is fulfilled will incur a cancelation fee of $595 plus any outstanding fees for services already performed or billed if any.
What happens if I don't enroll in a Xaicode Care plan?
If you elect to not enroll in a Xaicode Care Plan that's 100% okay; however, we can't be held liable for anything that happens to your site after launch. Still, if you need help from us, we're more than happy to queue you up for development assistance at out standard hourly rate of $150 an hour.
Does my retainer time roll over Month-to-month?
Unfortunately, the retainer time does not rollover. Retainer hours for your Xaicode Care plan are covered just for the month they are allotted.
Can my site still get hacked while on the plan and what happens if it does?
In the unlikely event your website gets hacked while on a Xaicode Care plan, we'll take care of cleaning the site at no additional cost. To date, we have had zero hacks or breaches with any of the sites we manage.
what happens if I have updates that require more than the allotted retainer
We'll always strive to get your updates done within the allotted retainer, but if you have updates that require more hours, we'll always make sure to communicate and get approval for any overages you may incur in the form of an estimate.
I already have hosting, can you maintain a site on our hosting?
We cannot. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee the performance, stability, and security of your site while under a different host. We deliver the best results when we setup the environment your website is hosted in.